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Annuities, what is the difference between a Variable Annuity and a Fixed Index Annuity?

What is an annuity? To understand how they work first you need to understand what an annuity is. In simplest terms, an annuity is designed as a long-term investment that grows tax-free (or tax-deferred) and can help you not outlive your income. It’s a contract between yourself and the insurance company that you choose for your annuity.  You can either make a single lump-sum payment to the company or a series of payments over some time. If you have questions about this, we are here to help. Now that we’ve got the basics out of the way, there are three main types of annuities to choose from:  fixed annuities, indexed annuity, and variable annuities. Fixed Annuity: Fixed annuities by design help you reach your goals

Annuities For Growth, Annuity Riders, Fixed Annuity, Income Annuities, Index Annuity,

Tax-Free Retirement: 1035 Exchange Explained

1035 exchange  annuity can be very beneficial when it comes to planning your retirement, especially, if you are searching for a way to generate a guaranteed stream of income.  While annuities can play a vital role in executing a well-rounded estate plan, if at some point you decide you need to switch one annuity for another, you can do so without accruing any tax utilizing an annuity income tax treatment known as the 1035 exchange. Using a 1035 exchange, you’ll be able to customize your benefits on your terms, to get you closer to your goals of a tax-free retirement.  1035 Exchange Defined: A 1035 exchange is a legal way to exchange one insurance policy, annuity, endowment or long-term care product of like kind without triggering

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7 Questions to Ask Before Buying an Annuity

What to Ask Before You Buy an Annuity Many people reaching retirement are looking for ways to improve their financial security. It is unsurprising that many people are considering buying an annuity. If chosen well, an annuity can prevent a person from outliving their finances. What’s more, it can provide increased protection against a volatile stock market. As annuity will convert current wealth into a steady income, it is vital to make an informed decision. Also, as life insurance and annuity scams are on the rise, an investor should not rush into a plan. So, it is important to ask yourself the following seven questions when buying an annuity. 1. What is the Annuity Process? An annuity is a big financial commitment, so you must have

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What Happens If I Die Before I Begin To Receive Payments From My Annuity?

What Happens If I Die Before I Begin To Receive Payments From My Annuity? In the unfortunate event of the contract owner’s death before income payments begin, the beneficiary may receive a death benefit from the annuity. In some contracts, the death benefit will be based on the account value. Other contracts use the surrender value or other applicable contract value to calculate the death benefit. What if you have a spouse? Does he or she have inherent rights?  If your spouse is the surviving joint owner or sole beneficiary, then he/she may have the ownership rights with all rights and privileges of the original owner, as allowed by IRS regulations.

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Retirement Income: What Is A Joint And Survivor Annuity?

Retirement Income An income rider is a critical consideration. It allows you to choose insurance for the husband and/or the wife (some carriers will insurance both partners). Remember, the reason you would buy this would be for retirement. Consequently, it is the best time to buy a joint and survivor annuity. Buying A Joint & Survivor Annuity Annuity payments are received over one’s lifetime and another individual’s lifetime. The annuity issuer promises to pay an amount on a periodic basis (monthly, quarterly, or yearly). The amount received for each payment period will be the same while at least one person is alive. If it is a husband and wife and the husband passes away, for example,  than the wife continues to get the same income stream. 

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How Do Income Rider Investments Work With Annuities?

If you are close to retiring or looking for safe investments that do not relate to the stock market, then this opportunity might be useful for you. This site should give you an overview of how income riders work with index annuities. Clients often ask us, “how am I going to pay for the things I need when I retire?” We want you to financially survive during your retirement years. This arrangement with the insurance carrier will ensure your financial life is not negatively affected when you retire. Social Security and employer-sponsored pension plans may only provide a portion of the income you will need down the road. It’s never too soon to carefully consider the future of your retirement nest egg. QUICK MATH: Add