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What Is A Tax Deferred Annuity?

Tax Deferred Annuities So you’ve decided to stop stuffing money under your mattress (or the bank account equivalent of putting it in a savings account with 0.000001% interest). Congratulations! Before you lose your motivation, let’s explore why a tax deferred annuity could be an ideal option for those funds. Although annuities are often associated with retirement income, you do not have to be on your way to your sunset years to purchase these products. Instead, read on to decide what’s the best investment for your needs. We promise this will make cents! Just the Tax Facts First up, you may have heard of tax-deferred annuities called by another name: “fixed tax deferred annuity.” For sake of brevity, we’re going to lop off the “fixed.” One

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Are There Any Fees For My Fixed Annuity?

What Are The Charges For A Fixed Annuity? Most annuities do not charge up-front sales charges, rather they have charges for withdrawals before the end of a stated period. A fixed and fixed-indexed annuity do not have administrative fees, although interest crediting rates take into account expenses related to the product.  Variable Annuities Variable annuities may involve ongoing maintenance and administrative fees to provide guaranteed death benefits and cover expenses related to the product. When purchasing a variable annuity, information regarding contract charges in the contract’s prospectus is available. All this means is that with an index or fixed annuity there are no fees. Therefore, if you buy from the right insurance carriers, you’ll have little if any fees. Say you invested $100,000 into a fixed or index