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Market risk isn't for everyone. We know that everyone's financial situation is unique. If you agree with any of these statements, please fill out the form here.



    Is an annuity right for you?

    I Like My CD

    I like the idea of buying CDs, but rates are very low. I would like to put my money somewhere safe that could earn more interest, is not subject to stock market losses and is easily to understand.

    Protected a Portion of My Money

    I have weathered the market with my equity accounts. I know that the stock market has made a strong push and I have made a lot of money since the market hit the bottom. I believe that I may want to move a portion of my money out of the market to a safe vehicle for protection.

    My IRA Value

    I have an IRA or another retirement account that I am not going to use for a few years and my main goal is to protect the account value. I am more concerned about losing money than I am about large returns.

    I Think Rates Will Rise

    I have been sitting on the sidelines in a savings or money market account earning either a very low interest rate or no interest at all. I am interested in learning about fixed alternatives that will offer me more interest on my money and still offer protection from market loss.

    I Don't Have a Pension and I Want Constant Income

    I need income starting now or in the next few years. I am worried about outliving my money. I would like to have a guaranteed lifetime income and I would like to have access to my money in case of an emergency.

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